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My father was a gun collector and meticulous about care. He bought this gun in 1992 from another friend who was a collector.

The serial number shows production in June/July 1942. There are some scratches on the stock as you can see, and a rack number appears to be on the stock, but faded. I believe when he bought he he intended to get it CMP certified, but hesitated due to cost and then went on to other projects. The stock is not original (no proof mark), but both handguards are original walnut. The stock does have a rack number written on it, but is very light. Has original safety.

I have not fired it, but he was a marksman and claimed it shot as straight as any gun he owned. The barrel is is great shape, stamped 1944.

I do not have a case or ammunition, as the gun was stored in a safe.

According to his documentation, he had it rated by NRA at Very Good+.


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