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Arsenal tri railed lowers and Arm9 grips, These will look and Fit awesome on your (((Sam7sf or Sam5)))))) and other milled receiver weapons, These will fit -AR-M1 AR-M9F SAM7SF AR-M4 SF SAM7K SAM7R SLR-101 SAM5 . DON'T be fooled by the cheap crap that is out there get the real deal Bulgarian Arsenal furniture . Railed uppers $90 shipped , Ambi safety mech $125 shipped, Arm14F Railed Lowers Price is $150 shipped for the railed lower hand guards ,arm9 grip and Correct Grip screw is Included $135 Shipped . Arm9 grip screws not sold separately. Discreet PayPal F&F for payment. Or postal money order, Ships from USPS with tracking sent with every item, location is Tulsa Oklahoma. ((((Ambi safety mech are in route!)))))
These will fit -AR-M1 AR-M9F SAM7SF AR-M4 SF SAM7K SAM7R SLR-101 SAM5 and a few others.
Make your milled sam7sf or other milled a railed machine.New batch of Arsenal Bulgaria Tri railed lowers in $150 Shipped, railed Arsenal upper hand guards $90 Shipped Discreet PayPal USPS priority mail and tracking sent with every item. From Tulsa OK , No international shipping.


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