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GSX 100 Lower Frame, this is the Glock Stores owner Lenny Maggil's version of the Glock 45 In 9mm. According to Lenny he had his prototype ready to announce when Glock beat him to the pulpit first! The GSX 100 is actually a Great frame, based on the Gen 3's platform, all G19 parts will slide right in except for the Magazine of course being a Glock 17, This frame has a different set of ergonomics it holds better than the G45, point of aim is better, feels great in hand, all parts are new, plus this comes with what I feel is one of the best triggers for the Glocks in General, made here in our Great State of Arizona, Overwatch Precision's Dat trigger, has a 3.5 lb pull and a phenomenal reset, if you have tried there triggers than you know what I mean, priced to sell, please see and try it out before you think of loballin, thank you! IMG_20220915_060256428~2.jpg


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