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Couldn't wait to own this. Now after a couple years it's left behind when I go to the range. Guess I'm always concerned about marking it or abusing it. Shoot another 1911 in 9mm and .45 all the time. Condition is fired one box of factory ammo, cleaned and parked on the corner of the gun safe. Not desperate to sell, so when best offer, I really mean an honest to goodness amount for gun of this value.

Comes as if from the factory.

In the pictures, there appears to be marks or lines. None exist, could be oil, or reflective marks.

Trade possibility: Looking for 9 mm with threaded barrel and capable of placing optics or with optics. Don't offer Glock. Had one blow up in my hand years ago. Don't like them. Don't prefer polymer guns or striker fire but will consider. Trades considered of equal value or less value, plus your cash.

Am able to ship once cashier's check has been received. Will work through local gun stores for shipping and payment.


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