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Arsenal tri railed lowers and Arm9 grips, These will look and Fit awesome on your (((Sam7sf or Sam5)))))) and other milled receiver weapons, DON'T be fooled by the cheap crap that is out there get the real deal Bulgarian Arsenal furniture . Railed uppers $75 shipped , Arm14F Railed Lowers Price is $145 shipped for the railed lower hand guards ,arm9 grip and Correct Grip screw is Included $135 Shipped . Arm9 grip screws not sold separately. Discreet PayPal F&F for payment. Ships from USPS with tracking sent with every item, location is Tulsa Oklahoma. ((((Ambi safety mech are in route!)))))
These will fit -AR-M1 AR-M9F SAM7SF AR-M4 SF SAM7K SAM7R SLR-101 SAM5 and a few others.
Make your milled sam7sf or other milled a railed machine.New batch of Arsenal Bulgaria Tri railed lowers in $145 Shipped, railed Arsenal upper hand guards $75 Shipped Discreet PayPal USPS priority mail and tracking sent with every item. From Tulsa OK , HI & AK shipping.


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